About Art makes it easy to choose and buy art. Uniquely, we enable you to make an initial selection by choosing artworks and placing them in My Gallery. To do so, you click on the My Gallery button at the bottom right of a piece in the Art Shop. You can then see and judge for yourself how these specific works fit within an interior, with or above a particular piece of furniture – making it easy to make your final choice. To buy an artwork, you click on the My Cart button.

At About Art, you can also choose from four different contemporary frames, depending on your personal preference. You can have the work framed with a passe-partout or 'floating' (without a passe-partout). After ordering, the piece will be delivered to your home within 10 working days. About Art also provides tips about the right hanging height and other relevant issues when hanging artworks, plus interesting information about the artists, including their biographies and working methods. About Art also explains the various art movements and terms used in the art world.